Top-tier tech without top-tier prices: Gold Members Only

In a world where everything is getting more expensive and access to technology is becoming more critical to everyday life, not having the right tech can feel like you're always a step behind.

Introducing the Human-I-T Gold Member Account. More than just an account, it's your ticket to a world where technology and the internet are accessible and affordable. 



When you become a Human-I-T Gold Member:

Opportunities knock louder (and for less): Get exclusive discounts on laptops, tablets, and other devices 

Internet connections stay uninterrupted: High-quality hotspots ensure you're always in the loop.

High-speed doesn’t mean high prices: Dive into low-cost, high-speed internet plans tailored for you.

Support is just a click away: Receive one-on-one assistance using your technology or enrolling in free internet via the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)


This isn't just about ensuring people like you have access to technology. It's about leveling the playing field by giving everyone the tools they need to thrive online.

Ready for your free Human-I-T Gold Membership?

Just follow these three steps

  • Provide your basic information: Just like any other account.
  • Show us you’re eligible: A simple proof of your income status. Need to know what counts? Check our eligibility requirements here
  • Get the green light: Our team will review your details and let you know within five business days if you’re eligible for Gold Membership.


Once your Gold Membership is approved, all you’ll have left to do is one thing: shop ‘til you drop (and end up spending less than most of our other customers).

Stuck? Confused? Just Want to Chat?

We get it. This is new, and you might have questions. But remember, we're in this together. Reach out anytime at or text us or call us at 888-391-7249. Our team's here to support you through every step of the account creation process. 

Everyone deserves a fair shot in the digital world. Don't let tech prices keep you from unlocking your full potential. 


Dive into the digital age and become a Human-I-T Gold Member today!

Our Commitment

At Human-I-T, we're committed to providing you with high-quality devices and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need further information on returns and refunds, please contact our customer service department.