ACP Eligible - HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE

ACP Eligible - HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE

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This Laptop Is Great For:

  • Browsing the web and using social media
  • Streaming on websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +
  • Using online banking and paying bills online
  • Making video calls with family or for work and school
  • Playing games like Roblox and Candy Crush
  • Using basic photo and video editing apps

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60-Day Return Policy

You have 60 days to return the device in order to receive a refund. The device must be verified to be working and in good condition to receive a full refund. If the device is damaged, Human-I-T reserves the right to offer you a partial refund based on the condition of the device.

1-Year Hardware Warranty

If your computer fails within a year of purchase due to a hardware defect, you will receive a replacement same model or one with similar or better performance

1 Year of Free Tech Support

One year of tech support is included with every computer. You can request tech support by texting us at 562-372-6925 or filling out a tech support request form.

The Affordable Connectivity Program 

Unlock a world of digital opportunities with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Stay connected with family, friends, work, and school by enjoying high-speed internet access at a reduced cost. This game-changing program offers up to $30/month toward broadband services, with even greater support for those in Tribal lands. Don't let financial barriers stand in your way of accessing essential online resources. Sign up for ACP benefits now and experience the countless benefits of staying connected!

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program, previously known as the Emergency Broadband Benefit, is a program that has allocated $14.2 billion to assist people in need with getting and staying connected to the internet by offering low-cost, high-speed internet along with discounts on devices through certain providers, like Human-I-T.

How do I know if I qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Households who are interested in collecting their Affordable Connectivity Program benefits must submit proof of low income along with a photo ID and date of birth of whoever is submitting the request.

What is the Human-I-T ACP laptop / hotspot bundle?

ACP providers like Human-I-T are able to offer ACP customers a special deal. Customers who make a one-time purchase of a hotspot from Human-I-T will be able to receive an additional $100 off the purchase price of ACP-eligible laptops, as well as receive free monthly internet through Human-I-T’s ACP internet program. 

How do I know if I qualify for Human-I-T’s ACP laptop / hotspot bundle?

Residents who live in the United States, except for those living in Hawaii, Alaska, or the American territories, and are eligible for the ACP, are eligible to receive Human-I-T’s hotspot/device bundle.

How will I know if I’m approved for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

For text messages, we will respond within 1 to 2 business days. For phone calls, we will aim to connect with you within three business days, though wait times might increase depending on the volume of incoming calls.

Once I’m approved for the ACP, how long will I receive ACP benefits?

Unlike the Emergency Broadband Benefit which offered subsidies to reduce the cost of internet for a limited-time, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a semi-permanent program. So long as you qualify for the program and the program receives replenished funding, you’ll be able to continue receiving the monthly $30 subsidy to use for connecting to internet plans in your area.

What happens if I know longer qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

You will be notified that you no longer qualify for the program before your benefits are terminated. Once you are notified, you will be given the option to either discontinue your internet service with Human-I-T or agree to our non-ACP terms and rates.

Anyone can purchase a heavily marked-down Google or Apple laptop from Human-I-T. In order to purchase a discoutned Windows device or low-cost internet service from Human-I-T, households must create an account and upload documentation to prove their participation in an approved government assistance program such as SNAP, SSI, or Section 8 Housing, or a yearly household income of 200% of the Federal poverty level. Click here to view what types of proof are accepted.
Brand: HP
Model: Chromebook
Processor: AMD A4 Processor (Dual-Core, 1.6GHz, 0MB Cache)
Memory / RAM: 4GB
Hard Drive: 32 GB SSD eMMC
Screen Size: 11.6 inches (diagonally)
Operating System Chrome OS